Problem with email notifications

Email notifications to topics I’m subscribed to are no longer working. Can one of the admins please have a look at this, thanks.

testing new configuration.

Edit: Should work now, at least for my account, any new post informs me with an email send.

There’s also a problem with verification emails again. I changed my email address twice yesterday and I haven’t received verification emails yet for either of them.

Can you try again? It’s really odd that users apparently register and verify notmally as of yesterday and today, so I am really puzzled what might be the cause…

This now seems to be working as I’ve just received an email notification that there’s been a new post in this thread (Post #4).

I’ll now try changing my email address and see if I get the verification email.

Yes, it worked this time :slight_smile:

not sure, i didn’t change anything over the past 3 days…
maybe those pesky spambots block somehow gmail from sending out mails and only after a certain time interval it continous?