Problem with Netrunner14LTS VB Guest running on Netrunner14LTS Host

I am running Netrunner 14 LTS on the host and was trying to create a Netrunner 14 LTS Virtualbox guest for testing purposes. i chose Linux for the OS, Ubuntu 64 Bit for the linux version. I mapped the install iso to the cd device, booted up the VM, and performed the install just fine. Now, when I attempt to boot the newly created VM, I get the Netrunner Logo with a boot progress meter, but then instead of displaying a log-in screen, it displays a black screen with nothing on it and does nothing else. The VM has 3 GB of memory allocated to it. Any ideas?

A black screen without a mouse pointer?
Hmm… have allocated enough ram for the virtual graphicscard?
Can you try the safe boot options please and see if that works for you.