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Problem with samsung series 5 ultra


I am having trouble installing my netrunner on a samsung series 5 ultra, if I do guided full disk install it boots perfectly but problem is I have 2 hard drives a 24 GB SSD and a 750GB SATA and if I do the guided full disk install it just install everything on my SSD with a swap space of 8 GB.

I have followed these instructions for ubuntu but it didnt worked for me.

[i]When installing Ubuntu remove all the partitions on sda (HDD) and sdb (SSD).
Make a new partition on sdb (SSD) with mount point ‘/’ (root)
Make an extended partition on sda (HDD) with the following settings:
(Size is a personal matter but you get the idea)

sda5 swap 6GB
sda6 /var 20GB
sda7 /home remaining space[/i]

when I do this and the instalation finishes “succesfully” it doesnt boot net runner once I get the CD out.

I’ve been looking for a solution so it boots from the 24 SSD hard drive but that any further program installation goes on the 750 GB HDD or something that makes this “two disks” scheme eficient.

Does anyone has any experience with this?