Problem with settings

The good news is that Kmail now is working, that synaptic now is working. The ystembecomes more stable due updates and very hard working of the team.

The bad news is that all settings i made trough system settings after an reboot are reset and i can again made all settings not nice.

An another problem is he Kwallet, after 1 minute it is aking again for the password even when Kmail is closed, in 14.1 i don’t have this problem, checking for new mail is standing on 30 minutes so why every 1 minute Kwallet is aking i don’t know.

UFW-KDE is gone, this firewall was i always using but nw i must rely on GUFW no problem but i want as much KDE applications for KDE and less GNOME applications.

The KCM for UFW has NOT been ported to KF5 / Plasma 5 yet.
In Netrunner 14.1 kwallet was not installed by default. You should be able to remove kwallet without issue.

Kwallet is installed in 14.1 but configured to use an empty password for convenience. The same configuration is done for 15. Though we have now kwallet4 and kwallet5.
Not sure if kwallet4 is killed after a certain time has passed.

Did you tried changing the settings for it?