Problems starting


when i start the pc, that shows me a message error.


Besides that, after the last update to plasma 5.10 - my netrunner is 17.01 - the pc is very slowly to initialize the graphics, and also for shutdown.

How i fix this problem?

The error (ACPI) comes from the kernel.
Did you install any new kernel recently?
Can you try out an older kernel and see if it fixes this?

How i can install the older kernel?

Other question:

On a manager every file to upgrade has a level of damage. I have not made the upgrade of the newer versions of the high levels of damage. Do that is correct or always i have do the upgrade, even the high levels, such as the kernel and etc?

That depends. The high level ones just like the kernel ones just are an indicator for potential breaking.
In terms of the kernel however it will be installed alongside the older kernel which allows booting the kernels in the boot menu.

As for installing kernels. You can take a look at installed ones in synaptic by searching for linux-image