Problems with browsers

For few weeks firefox and chromium can’t open facebook. I tried make somethink with dns, but it isn’t problem. After that i’ve seen next problem firefox is working very slow. I hadn’t seen this before because i prefer chromium. What log can i add to help solve these problem?

Hmm… slowness of firefox might be something with ipv6. Try disabling ipv6 in Firefox.

Unfortunately, it didn’t help. Maybe it will usefull:Firefox is slow only on laptop(turion x2 m500 hd4530), not on desktop(i5 3470 hd7850), but problem with don’t working specific sites like facebook occur on both.

Can you make sure that it isn’t your provider or internet connection responsible for it by testing other devices (Smartphone, Tablet and so on)

Probably not, but i’m not sure. But i have install on destop also windows, on which problem with don’t working sites doesn’t exsist.

[color=#000080]Try installing [/color][size=medium]Maxthon 0.9.3[/size] :cool:

I can’t open facebook on firefox, chromium, opera, maxthon, chrome. I think it’s somethink with system. Maybe it can help, i can open login page and log in. After that page is loading to 50% and serwer don’t reply.

Are other pages working fine ? Did you clear the cookies already on every browser ?
Can you reproduce this problem from within a live system aswell ?
Have you tried setting a different nameserver (dns) in /etc/resolv.conf like for example ?
Is SSL in general working on your system ? (Test this with some ssl sites)

Probably we’ve found source of problem sites with ssl don’t work. How can i solve this?

Please confirm if it is working with the live system.
If it is it might be a broken package, ssl certificate or anything else that got installed.
In this case it might help also creating a new user to test if this is an configuration issue with your main user only or a system wide problem.

I’ve booted netrunnera from livecd and i have the same problem. So it isn’t problem with my system. I don’t know what can making this. :frowning: