Problems with connections outside of Firefox

I just installed NetRunner 13.06 SE and I have a few questions/issues. I am able to to browse using Firefox with no problems, however, Thunderbird is unable to connect to the sign-up server (Error: 2013-08-24 13:18:44 mail.provider ERROR Something went wrong loading the provider list JSON file. Going into offline mode. Source File: resource:///modules/gloda/log4moz.js Line: 687) or Mozilla add-on database, I am unable to add repositories in the terminal and Software Souces (Cannot add PPA: ‘u’Error reading (6, “Couldn’t resolve host ‘’”)’’. Software updates using Muon get stuck during the update process. I think Tor maybe causing problems for applications outside of Firefox attempting connections. Also I am unable to browse using Firefox after stopping Tor, and would like to know how I can choose to browse with or without using Tor. Any help or guidance would be appreciated

How are you stopping Tor in order to browse firefox ? If you are using vidalia (the tray icon) then this might be the problem. Firefox uses foxyproxy to browse via tor. So changing or turning off foxyproxy should work fine for you.
As for other applications they should work fine even when tor is activated as they are not set to use tor by default.
You can check the global Proxy Settings of KDE in systemsettings to confirm that. It normally should be set to direct connection so no proxy is used.
Also notice that apt might not work via tor.

When I FoxyProxy to use direct connection, I am unable to browse. My Network Settings in System Settings is set to direct connection as well.

That’s strange. Is your DNS setup correctly?

I will take a look and report back.

Issues fixed. It was the DNS settings in resolv.conf. Thanks for the help! Love the distro so far.

Anyone who runs into this problem, open /etc/reslov.conf and change it to read the following:

Generated by NetworkManager


Muchas veces el problema está en el router. Debe configurarse de nuevo.

Cheers fellas,

After spending ages trying to sort this out I was ready to ditch what seems so far a great distro. Knowing it’s in it’s early stages and also appreciating it’s aim I stuck with it and found this post. Everything works perfectly now :slight_smile:


This problem of conneting outside of Firefox is not unique to the above user: I got it, too. I found under resolv.conf (Tail):


but when trying to write a third line, I get the answer, that I have no write permission.
This happens on my main computer a 64-bit machine.

I installed Netrunner SE also on my netbook (a 32bit machine). There this problem does not occur. There, everything seems to run fine. For both computers I use the same DSL modem. (resolv.conf is the same on both computers).

I am more or less a newcomer to linux, hence I would appreciate any help.


MMuller you have to su before you can change your resolv.conf so you are super user or it won’t let you save changes after editing the file. Hope this helps!

open terminal

type: su

enter your password

open with nano, kate or what ever you want to use to edit the text and save the file.