So I have messed around with linux for a number of years but never found a distro I really liked until now. I gotta say this one is the fastest and nicest looking I have seen. This is also my first forum post so I don’t know if I’m placing it in the correct place.

I have a few problems.

  1. Ubuntu is the only distro that seems to get output correctly. Every machine I put it on I can just plug any type of headphone ( usb or regular ) and it works. With netrunner…it picks up the regular headphone jack and plays out of it. But when I plug in my usb headphones, it reconizes them, but will not play. I went into the sound settings and tested the sound and it worked! But I can’t find a way to make the output to my headphones.

  2. Sound stops working when system back up form being suspended.

  3. For some reason when trying to access the calandar in runner-id, firefox crashes. I don’t know if its a linux problem…but it worked fine when I first installed…now its crashing.

  4. I cannot get google calendar or google email to work in the webaccounts. Also… do I need to install another program to view my emails like thunderbird? ( Also, whats something better to use for this distro other than thunderbird? )

These questions may be noob ones I don’t know. Thanks in advance.

1 - Go to > System Preferences > Phonon > Tab: Audio Hardware settings, and there choose the specification that requires headphones.

2 - It has never happened to me does not know how to help.

3 - It is a problem in Firefox

4 - I only use Thunderbird because even Kmail works for me for all my email accounts and is also a problem with Google’s latest changes have been made does not integrate well with some applications including Webaccounts.

Instead Korganizer for calendar if I works perfect.

Sorry can not help more, my knowledge systems are very limited, my profession is medicine and this is just a hobby. :rolleyes: