Pulseaudio 4 testing and propose as default if possible

Test pulseaudio 4 from ubuntu-audio-dev team:

Maybe it could fix pulseaudio issues you experienced in your test environment.

Would be good to see pulseaudio installed by default again as I have tried many applications and devices and today days seems to be better to have pulseaudio installed:

*kazam needs it by dependency but it is not installing it automatically (reported)
*USB headsets works better, or at least is easier to change between internal audio and USB with pulseaudio control.
*When I have virtual machines, audio works better with pulseaudio. I tried to use audio without pulseaudio and it was completely ugly.

That’s what I have tried and in all cases I needed to install pulseaudio to fix those issues.


I think we all know and like the possibilities of pulseaudio. The issues however are mostly because of driver issues when it comes to pulseaudio compatibility. ALSA drivers like the Intel one don’t work well with the timer based scheduler introduced by pulseaudio 2.0 . The irq scheduler however has problems with some modern applications like chrome with ppapi flash.
So in this case its good to keep an eye on pulseaudio aswell as alsa and the kernel so it one day can all be combined together again without any issues.