Just started using Netrunner for the first time today. Have tried all the major distros over the last 2 years and this one out of the box was the best imo. Would it be possible for Qt to be added so it installs as part of the out of the box software?

Qt libraries are already installed as they are needed by the desktop environment.
Do you mean perhaps a special application?

OK. Didn’t realize the libraries where already installed. I went to the Qt website and installed Qt from the website which added the Qt Creator.

I am doing software development and have used MS Visual Studio for my C++ programing. I am learning which tools I need and will use in Linux. I’m looking for a nice editor. I use gcc and g++ compiler for my .cpp files and it was fairly easy to get started. I really like Yakuake that is provided with net runner. I can switch between command line and editor with ease to compile and run code. Also, looking for a good debugger tool in Linux.