Qt4 vs Qt5 apps


Since Netrunner Desktop is based on Debian 8 Jessie, but running KDE Plasma 5, I would like to ask how you solve the Qt4 vs Qt5 dependencies for various apps in this distro. For example SMPlayer and Krita are still at Qt4 versions in Jessie repos, but there are already Qt5 versions out (16.9 for SMPlayer and 3.0 for Krita). Do you maintain separate repos for Qt5 apps or just take the Qt4 versions from the Debian repos? Because for these 2 particular apps, there are no Debian backports and the Qt5 versions are much better, than those old ones…

We only ship KF5, Plasma 5 and Qt5.
So those Qt Apps will most likely be compiled against Qt4 from Debian Jessie (if not necessary as component for Plasma 5 or KDE Apps)

OK, understood, stable means stable :wink: anyway, I’ve checked the versions of some of the apps that I use and apart from those 2, they are on par with Ubuntu repos, so not so ancient as some might think of Debian stable :wink: I think I will use Netrunner Desktop for my in-house media center laptop, which I want to install-and-forget :wink: