Quassel instead Konversation

Quassel gets much more commits than Konversation, its better maintained. :angel:

And i think, the GUI looks more traditional, which makes it easy to switch from XChat etc. :slight_smile:

Thatโ€™s the nice thing about Linux, freedom to choose what you like.
sudo apt-get remove konversation
sudo apt-get install quassel-client

Go well my friend,

Also there seems to be no outstanding feature that would make us switch to quassel.
So at the end its a matter of taste.

More commits does not mean that it is better maintained. Quassel gets more commits as it is a younger project and younger projects usually get more commits.

Configurable. Konversation can be make to look like XChat with 3-4 clicks.

Netrunner Kubuntu aims to get used by beginners (too)

So why choose 2 dead channels by default and such a confusing GUI Configuration ?

Why not #kubuntu instead #netrunner and #netrunner-os, where nobody is in the Room ?

Good idea, we might switch to #kubuntu.