Question about Kmail with Netrunner 15

I just installed Netrunner 15 in a VM( really love Plasma 5!)and read the readme link stating that Kmail does not work with Netrunner 15. Is there a timeline for getting kmail to work or are efforts being put on the next LTS?

The Akonadi PIM suite (including kontact, choqok, notes,etc.) has not finished being ported to Frameworks 5 yet.

Ok, thanks for your reply. I will wait until it is ported, Kmail is a must use for me.

Kmail and the Kontact Pim Suite will be ported a lot later. So I recommend using the Kontact Pim Suite based on kdelibs. (KDE SC 4.x)
This however won’t give you desktop integration into plasma 5 (like calendar integration and such)

The developers have been porting the KDEPIM suite to frameworks for a while, not only is the frameworks port already being used in KaOS but is also available in the AUR:

Ok to make it clearer. It will take at least until the end of the year to get the kf5 port to a usable state that is comparable to the kdelibs version.
Thats the reason why I recommend using the current version as it is simply a lot more stable.

Its already at usable state albeit not completely finished, it still some rough edges and as leszek has stated, not comparable to the kdelibs version yet. However, yes the estimated release is scheduled for later this year following along with the rest of the KDE Application releases. Even then considering the nature of the Ubuntu release model, it will take a few weeks, or months once it is released until it is available to their end users.

Thanks to both for the relies and great information. Perfect (aesthetic) integration with Plasma 5 isn’t really a must; a working PIM suite is a must. I am, for now, perfectly happy with Netrunner 14 and perfectly happy with waiting until KDEPIM is’ported to frameworks’. I am also perfectly happy with using Plasma 5 with a PIM that does not integrate with it well. KDE=choices, this is why I migrated to KDE.

I also see I have a lot to learn about KDE and need to find a starting point.