Question on kernel update (answered)

Trying understand for my educational purposes:

Prior to update, I was running the LTS kernel Linux 4.4.16-1

In the [Update] 2016-8-06 , I noticed one of the packages it downloaded was “linux44-4.4.16-1”

After the update I still had LTS kernel Linux 4.4.16-1.

What did the that downloaded update really do? The manjaro announcement says “Some of our stock kernels got updated to the latest point releases.” If that is what this was, how does one tell what point release it is? I figured it would change to 4.4.16-2 or something.


The latest update for kernel44 on Aug. 06, 2016 was from version 4.4.15-1 to 4.4.16-1.
Prior to this date the 4.4.16 kernel update was not available in our stable repositories.
Did you install this version of kernel manually yourself prior to this date?
Or are you on a different branch than Stable?

Since you say -16 was not in stable, maybe I did it manually. If I did, it was several weeks ago. I didn’t take good notes. :huh:
Anyway, answered good enough. Thanks!