RC2 installation

First test on 64 bit version.
The welcome screen let you choose between installation or Try.
I you choose Try, you have then the classical icon for installation. All proceed perfectly.
If you choose install, you have a full screen version of the installer, that works normally. The only remark, is that the slideshow use only a part of the screen.

Both cases lead to a perfect installation. All requested language packs were downloaded and installed.

So only a very minor remark.


How do I upgrade from RC1 to RC2?
By “sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade” does not. :huh:

Maybe the reasen is your Backports…
I also installed the RC2…it works fine…also Amarok does not freeze. I don’t use Backports anymore…
For me is the RC2 a great Christmas Gift…although the date ist 16.12.13…:slight_smile:

But how did you do the upgrade?
What commands did you use?
I have tried several and I do not work.
I’m downloading the 64-bit RC2 to install zeros … :@

no commands…the dvd rc2…:blush:

I’m already recording on a DVD RC2 to install zero, but it is not a failure to update hope that I can for the final version because it takes time to set everything back. :-/

Since we do mostly bugfix and some GFX-tweaks, you get the latest packages from enigma-1312-packages automatically when you do a normal update. Compare the packages from here:
No need to completely install new, just keep in sync with the packages.
Just when you completely update to KDE 4.11.3 or new kernel, it could make some programs show quirks, it can always happen on any linux system (see android 4.4.2 kitkat and programs broken), so we recommend to keep in sync with KDE 4.11.2 and installed kernel, update SYSTEM only if you must, update PROGRAMS if you like.

Thanks, I understood.
I installed RC2 zeros and it works perfect.
I updated to KDE 4.12 (4.11.97) and the kernel 3.12.5
I look forward to the final version and the instructions to update without formatting.
Great job guys, congratulations.[attachment=84]