Recent Issues? Firefox? Multi-Displays? Compositor? Mesa?

Just wondering if any have any of these issues crop up?

Firefox 43.0.4 - Sometimes Hangs trying to load pages desktop or browser unresponsive for 5-10seconds.
Also have had Firefox crash? and disappear 3-5 times last 2 weeks. Just magically Poof! and disappear no crash dialog,etc… Don’t get the crashes on windows side. But do seem to get some of the hang for 2-5 seconds before Firefox recovers. So thinking maybe specific to Firefox 43 issues?

Desktop lockup - Just cruising along and bam lock-up no clicking allowed. Most times clears up after 10-20seconds.
Occasionally need to log-out or re-boot to recover. Plasma 5? Compositor? OpenGL? Mesa?

Gwenview - Just wondering if any other have issue with Gwenview remembering Size & Position. Mine remembers Position. But keeps opening up half the size I require. Even tho have set Special in Apps & Window to remember.

Vertical Panel - Have issue when unlocked and trying to change width. Widens just fine but struggle to Lessen Width. Have to try by keep widening then quickly Lessening. Finally get it to shrink way down then slowly widen till get right width.

Dual Display - Use to happen occasionally awhile back then disappeared and worked great for awhile no issues. Just booted up now and had that one monitor stacked on another (Mirror Mode) and had to manually drag monitors into position and apply.

System setup - 2015.11 clean install using 4.1.15-2 with Plasma 5.5.3 Qt 5.5.1 64bit on older dual core Amd 4gb ram,dual 22" displays with default open drivers on legacy Ati 4350.

Only additional is running two panels one vertical.
And Gmail feed & Yahoo weather plasmoids running in tray. And simple Conky script.

So just wondering if any others are experiencing these kind of issues?

I’ve only experienced the Firefox crash without warning, but this might be another GTK3 issue with firefox.
I’ll let Philip know, he’s debating on whether or not to re-compile firefox-kde against gtk2 instead like he did with firefox.

Yep was wondering since the recent move to GTK3 as also experience some issues on Windows side also.

This happens infrequently to me. Also netrunner will occasionally forget which stuff belongs on which window wrt plasmoids.

Firefox has crashed maybe twice in the month I’ve been using Netrunner.

Intel Ivy Bridge i5, Nvidia GT660ti with proprietary drivers