reinstalling netrunner

I have had netrunner 16 installed dual boot with win8.1 since its release and have one partition for each OS and then a shared partition readable by both. Somehow the Downloads folder reverted back to the netrunner OS partition and while downloading files I got a message that I had used up all my space. Now, being that the shared partition had over 300 Gb left i had a hard time believing it and found that the files had been downloaded to the OS partion, filling it up. My laptop rebooted and since then will not go past the loading screen no matter how long I wait. I assume something in the OS became corrupt. So, my question is this: Is there a way to reinstall Netrunner without erasing the programs, files, and configuration settings? Ubuntu has reinstall options on their live disk and something like that would be great here.

Hmm… can’t you first try a live system and move the downloaded files somewhere else (the share partition). If the partition is really fully filled this is the reason why it does not fully boot up anymore.
So before reinstalling anything try making some more space on the partition by moving or removing files so that you have roughly 500 MB free on the partition. This should then allow you to fully boot again.

ok, so i did that and now it hangs up on the loading screen. ive tried it several times and it has the same outcome. I went to andvanced recovery options in grub and there were a number of files it either asked to download or upgrade but it wouldn’t connect to do that. I moved all the files from my systems partition to my shared partition and then reinstalled to my systems partition but now Im kinda stuck. not even sure if I was on the right path or not. any help would be great!

Did you check if the space was cleared from the partition? So that there is enough free space again.

And if I understood it correctly you reinstalled Netrunner and it is still not booting?
Did you repartition format the system partition? (This is necessary otherwise it would use the old files)