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remaster Netrunner

remastering a Chakra ISO turned out to be very simple for a change.

where can one find everything to modify the ISO image via build script ?

would be nice to setup images for certain fields of application, such as KDevelop source based work asf.

google did not tell me much there … :angel:

The sources for the pkbuilds and so on can be found here

that is all ? seems to be the only NRR stuff on github. I thought there has to be more material, no ?
It says it is for ARM/Raspberry … :cool:

Netrunner Rolling is based on Manjaro, most packages come from them.
There are also other git resources we use for Netrunner and Maui specific packages like settings, etc.
We build our rolling ISO the same way Manjaro builds theirs, with Manjaro-tools.
Where are you seeing ARM/Raspberry in our github repo for rolling?

the page title reads:

Netrunner Rolling | Arch-based version

which means that I myself did misread ARCH for ARM
sorry. all is fine :wink:

That’s cool, mistakes happen.
Nobody’s perfect. :wink: