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Removing novnc removes default-settings-autostart


Hi there

I’m writing to report a possible bug. Yesterday I installed netrunner-core, and started configuring it. Personally, I do not want a VNC server running on my machine, or a vnc client, so I removed x11vnc, which went as expected. Then, I removed novnc. This caused defaut-settings-autostart to be autoremoved.

On the next restart, Yakuake was not available anymore. I believe this to be an effect of having removed default-settings-autostart, which hence I reinstalled. After that, Yakuake was back.

If that’s the case, I’d suggest to have default-settings-autostart added as a stand-alone package, so that removing novnc does not interfere.



That is a bit weird indeed as we seem to have fixed that issue 2017 already. Which version of Netrunner Core did you use? 19.01?

Also as installing of default-settings-autostart did not pull in novnc it looks to be correctly configured.


Yeah, 19.01. default-settings-autostart does not depend on novnc, but it seems to be only as a dependency of novnc.

The issue can be reproduced easily by loading the live distro 19.01 and trying to remove novnc

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Ah. Now I see it.
So apt remove should not autoremove packages but list all packages that installed that package and can be removed.
This is why default-settings-autostart lands on this list.
I am afraid that this is exactly the way how it should work and there is no easy way to make it work differently.


Well but default-settings-autostart has reason to live in the system by itself.

Isn’t apt suggesting it to autoremove cause it was installed only as a dependency of novnc rather than as a “stand alone” package?

For example, by doing apt install default-settings-autostart now made it stay even if I run autoremove.


No thats not the reason. You can see the novnc has no recommends or dependency on that package or vice versa.


I see. I’m a bit confused then on why autoremove would suggest to remove it, I thought it run through dependencies. My desktop experience does depend on default-settings-autostart, so it’s unfortunate. No biggie, I’ll just keep it manually installed.

Thanks for looking into this.


Yeah that needs some further investigation thats is currently going on. I will keep you updated when I find a clue.


Update: Found the cause.
The issue is that netrunner-settings-autostart is getting removed by removing novnc as it includes the autostart entry for novnc. As this package is recommending default-settings-autostart this one lands on the autoremove list.

Thanks for reporting. This one will be fixed asap and land in the newer Netrunner Core versions as we don’t update such things in already released versions.