Rename "check integrity of DVD" to something not media-specific

I think most people are not burning DVDs any more. It should be renamed from DVD to “live-media”, “installation-media” or something like that.

I still burn CD’s, DVD’s and even Blu-Ray’s, there is something about having the physical disk in your hands.
Anyway, I still listen to music on Vinyl and Cassette tape even, just because something is OLD doesn’t make it obsolete, they do still sell these things.

I just mean that its wrong “check integrity of DVD” when its on something else AND its often on something else then DVD.

Thanks for explaining your story.

OK, so your talking about the wording of the gfxboot (isolinux) menu entry.

Yeah I think only replacing the string “checking integrity of media” would be enough. Though this needs upstream changes I guess as we want all the translations for it aswell.