Repeating Akonadi Bug [Closed]

While using 17, I get this crash report at least twice per hour and cannot resolve it. Does anyone have an idea or info on this bug?
Please attachment.

Can you install the debug utilities and click on the developer information in that window.

The next time the bug report occurs I´ll attach the dev info. I believe I have the debug utils installed.

Sorry for the delay. Attached is a screenshot of the bug and I installed the debug utils and inserted the information I believe you are requesting.

Do you have akonadi configured ? If yes how ? What accounts did you create there ?

To my best recollection, I´ve set up the PIM for my contacts(LDAP), I attempted but failed to configure Korganizer to sync with my online calendar and, of course, I set up Kmail. Perhaps of interest, at installation, Kontacts when opened had Kontacts listed off to the right panel along with mail, calendar, to do list, etc… Once I started getting the crash notice the contact icon on the right panel of choices in Kontact has disappeared but my email address contacts work perfectly in Kmail.

I hope this helps.

KMail stores E-Mail contacts you often write to in its own cache I suppose. (e.g. not all contacts should be there)
But in general so the contacts account is the culprit somehow I suppose. I am not sure if we can debug that problem here.

I would suggest you to create a more detailed error report over at . (Maybe search before creating a new bug if someone has already reported such an issue and I was not able to found it)
detailed report should include the service you use (if it is a known webservice and not your own server) that you use for your contacts.
Also attach that debugging output to that error report.

OK, I´ll file a bug report if I cannot find one already. Thanks for your help.