Repos to use for Rolling Release?

Just downloaded and installed 17.01 and it is awesome!

I noticed in update manager that not many repos were ticked.

If I want a Rolling Release what are all repos that I need ticked?


For full rolling, just tick all the ones unticked and you’ll notice updates rolling in right away.

What if I don’t want rolling release? Leave sources.list as it is?

Yes, then you only get updates through our own channels (those labelled netrunner-1701).
Example is firefox, which should update after a fresh install since we provided a newer version via the repo labelled “plasmazilla”.

What if I use firefox-esr from snapshot? It’s already out of date.
I feel vulnerable.

When are the Netrunner channels updated to allow for rolling?

Please, let us know :slight_smile:

They should be now! I updated the initial comment and blogpost.

That’s awesome! :slight_smile:

So, to enable rolling, I just tick the first repository, leaving the backports entries?
Or, do I check everything?

Check all repos.

Will you update the iso though?
Im looking for newbie-friendly debian distro to recommend to friends.

Aye! :wink:

All is good - thanks!

On the chance someone else is stuck where I stubbed my toe today:

“Click all repos” won’t work if you do not have the appropriate repos. Ahhhh! I spent a couple hours tracking this down. I HAD some repos containing the word backport SO I ASSUMED these were the ones. I think perhaps the repo structure has been evolving since the time of my installer.

Anyway, I’m golden after adding this repo:


backports calamares ds9-artwork ds9-common extras frameworks kde-applications netrunner-desktop netrunner plasma plasmazilla qt5