Repository and key update commands

Hello, am looking for a set of commands that can reliably update netrunner without needing to install the latest distro release.


sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade -y

the best way?

I was having trouble with all the keys and updating when it transitioned from buster to bookworm stable, because it was saying all the archives were now only available in the archives.

Thank you.

P.S. “Prefer terminal commands” that are simple and straight forward to master the Linux terminal.

P.P.S. Is there a URL page where I have to update all the latest sources? If so, what is the URL for your sources “as they come out” so I can update the source files instead of running new installs every time. Then I can just update and upgrade regular.

In a previous post, the recommended action to upgrade from Netrunner 22 to 23 is to use an update utility. Simply using APT, as you indicate, is not enough.

However, given the many changes in the Debian base, its scope is to upgrade a fresh Netrunner 22 installation to Netrunner 23. So, I’d suggest that you install Netrunner 23.

It’s understood that the apt command is supposed to make it so that can upgrade like when windows 10 upgrades to windows 11. Is that not something possible with linux distros? or is that depending on the distro?

is it because Netrunner is not a rolling release?

Thanks again,