Resolution/DPI Scaling in Linux

Is there a program or setting to be able to scale down? I am using an HDMI connection and it is cutting off a bit of all sides. I am also using a 40 inch TV that to the best of my knowledge does not have a setting for overscale. I had to resize in windows. Any help would be great, would love to get this to fit the screen correctly.

Sony Vaio fit 14 in
i7, 1gb nvdia gfx
Never mind. I just enabled my Nvidia card instead of the x server default it had. It downloaded it, I restarted and won’t even startup now. Kwin crashes and KDE environment and everything else. This was a wrong choice of a distro for the laptop. Thanks.

Did you install the nvidia driver with the provided driver manager or manually?

I used the one that was listed and said recommended in software sources. I ended up installing ubuntu studio and did the same exact thing and it booted up fine afterward. Thanks.

Nvidia GT 740M