Hi guys, I just wanted to know if anyone knows of a program (preferably with gui) that will allow me to make my own customised install. The reason I ask is if I ever want to re-install rolling, I have to remember what I installed, what preferences I changed, etc and it would be much easier if I could just make a kind of backup of my existing installation and remaster it to disc so if I ever have to reinstall, everything is as I left it.
Any ideas?


These tools are dying out currently. As for a manjaro base there is nothing that I know of which has a graphical user interface.
There is of course manjaroISO which is a nice set of scripts assisting you creating your own respin of manjaro:

In theory (I never tried it) you could save your current running system completely with all updates, software, configurations and data in a squashfs file from a live media.
The right command for creating this squashfs file would be

sudo mksquashfs /path/to/mounted/system/ kde-image.sqfs -comp xz
This will create a kde-image.sqfs file with your whole system. (Warning needs a lot of file space for the kde-image.sqfs depending on your size of the installed system).
If you take a look on your netrunner rolling live usb thumb drive you will see that in the manjaro/ directory there is such a kde-image.sqfs file already. If you replace it with your own you should be able to have a live bootable system that is almost a complete copy of the one you have installed.

Here is a graphical overlay to ManjaroISO that enable image output to ISO:
Build 2 Iso Manjaro ( b2im )

Note: the site is in french.