Restart Problem

Hello all

im new to netrunner and i have a small problem.
When i restart my laptop sometimes i get a screen with commands that says:
“Kernel Panic - Not syncing : Fatal Exception in Interrupt” drm_kms_helper:panic occurred switching back to text console

and leds on my laptop flash.whe i press the power button to close and the again to power up i get a blue boot menu
with three options to either boot or do some mem tests, often i have to do this procedure many times to boot properly
to the OS. Any ideas what that might be?
My laptop is an HP Pavillion DV6 with ATI graphics.


A kernel panic is pretty bad it usually has todo with a driver misbehaving in the linux kernel. But it could also be a hardware issue in general (like broken hardware).
What you could try if you have an installed system (this means not running from a live usb stick or something) is installing one of the newer vanilla kernels from Ubuntu (see as a reference: )

Ok just finished seems to be ok i will post after further testing.
Thanks a lot. keep up the good work.