right-click menu and touch controls in firefox

I’ve recently come over to netrunner from arch as I wanted a more stable base and liked the updated plasma desktop.

However firefox doesn’t work the same out the box as it did on arch. I was wondering how I’d go about setting up right-click options on the icon? eg. right-click on firefox and open in-private browsing or recently visited pages. It works for google chrome which I installed to test and on my arch install. it also works on libreoffice and other programs just not firefox. I’ve attached an image of chrome and firefox to hopefully show what I’m talking about.

Also I’m using a touch-screen laptop (hp spectre x360 (not the best I know :P)) the touch-screen is calibrated and works fine. In chrome I’m able to scroll pages by sliding my finger on the screen and the page moves like it also did in firefox on my arch install. Is there a way to enable this feature for firefox? In firefox my touch input is just like a mouse control so I need to tap on the slider bar and it moves the page as i apply pressure just like a mouse click.

Any help would be much appreciated.

These are some extra entries in the firefox.desktop file that Debian does not provide by default.
Ubuntus Firefox adds these entries: https://dpaste.de/V0z7
(You can also take a look at the desktop file arch provides)
You can manually add those two aswell by adding them to the end of the firefox.desktop file in /usr/share/applications/ (You need root rights for this)

This seems to need a special environment variable set to enable. If it works you can also add it to the exec line of firefox.desktop.
See: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1268599#c10

Hope that helps.

Awesome worked a treat :slight_smile: cheers

Is there a similar work around for touch input for dolphin?

Unfortunately not afaik.