Rolling 2018.07?

Given that there was a Netrunner Rolling 2017.07 followed by the present 2018.01 update, will there be a 2018.07 or later update? As I will be installing it on three different machines it could save wholesale updates and it would make sense to wait if there was an update coming. Thanks.

Yes soon, we are very very close to a release now.
If you already have some installed systems and look under My Computer (About System/Extended), it should now show a build date of 2018.08, Inxi -S should also output Netrunner 2018.08 Rolling. The last set of updates should have also installed, and updated, the default wallpaper for the Netrunner theme to reflect the same.

Still to complete building other machines, (older parts, testing hardware), nothing installed yet. Will look for the new ISO. Cheers.

Here you go:

Great news! Must have missed the announcement by minutes last time I checked.

I hope the second pic wallpaper isn’t saying something! :smiley: Great pic though.

Downloading now. Couldn’t get the torrent to start, no peers or tracking.