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Rolling 2018.08 Desktop Wallpaper

This isn’t mission critical at all, but rather a comment / compliment on style.
I really like the default desktop wallpaper on Rolling 2018.08 and I wish that someone would do a theme along similar lines. The 3D shading and vibrant colors remind me of some of the old 4.x Oxygen themes that I liked so much. Icons had depth and color and the desktop was a pleasure to look at. These days what’s popular almost everywhere are flat monochrome themes, so much so that some websites are difficult to work with because they even make the font a light gray so it’s difficult to see and text entry fields are just a guess as to where they are located.
In my opinion, if you’ve got the graphic power that modern machines have then why not use it and make a vibrant inviting desktop? I started programming on green screen terminals and then saved enough money to buy a used 486, so I appreciate eye candy. But these are just my opinions and I know they aren’t what’s popular now. Fortunately KDE uses themes so everyone can either find something they like or take the time to make it themselves.
Anyway, kudos to Rolling 2018.08 for their selection in wallpaper!

Thanks for the kind words, I’m glad you like what we do.