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Root partition is full[solved]


today i wanted to start my machine@work and got during the boot-process the message:
“unable to write to /tmp; x session may exit with an error”
Ok, shit.
I started with another os and dicovered that the partition is completly full. Again shit, but i decided to get rid off some old kernels and then, when the system is runnning again, i can think of the next steps.
So, i started netrunner in the recovery mode but i got this message
“kein zugriff auf die Konsole möglich, da das root-Konto gesperrt ist” ??? No prompt, no chance to enter my root password … real big shit!

How can i enter my system to get rid of some kernel and other unnessary stuff so that i can work again?

Thx in advance!



Take a live system and remove some space. Usually the system reserves 10% by default of the space so it can boot up at least in recovery mode.
I wonder whats going wrong there.

If you are at it also check the filesystem just to be sure it is not broken.


Thanks for your reply. I will try to move some partitions so i will get space near to the root-Partition. Or is it possible to delete some older partitions. How will this infect the grub-configuration? Or, sorry, next questions, would it be better to install the os new? (but i want to use the system very quick again)




I would not recommend working on partitioning schemes or others for now.
Goal is first to get the system booting again. From there you can clean it up then.
So what I would recommend is booting up via live system and removing the unnecessary old linux kernels in the installed systems /boot partition. Look for vmlinuz files and initrd files which ade big there and bound to older versions (see the name of them which includes the version).
As emergency measure you can delete those which should give you enough free space to bootup the system again.

From there on I would recoomend something lile kwikdisk or ncdu to analyze what is hogging up your filesystem and removing the stuff which is too big. Like the apt cache with sudo apt clean for example.



thx a lot for helping me.

I deleted two vmlinuz files and then the system started. But i only got 19,2MB free. Then, after sudo apt-clean i have 10gb free. (40%).

That’s a lot stuff. I have no idea, why the root system has been so full.