run NRR from SD-card or thumbdrive is possible

one can simply install NRR to a USB thumbdrive or SD card, it works.

responsiveness suffers a bit though, even on fast SD cards.

makes sense to fully encrypt the flash drive of course during install, it is a Calamares option.

then use the USB-3 stick on multiple computers, often without problems. ATI & nvidia may be a problem though on vintage hardware or others. for backup / restore use :heart: gnome-disk-utility / gnome-disks :heart: as usual :exclamation:

list of reminders

with 5-button mouse, you might need to remove imwheel in /usr/share/default-settings/plasma5-profile/autostart , ideally together with the other junk in there

Installing and running Netrunner Rolling in this manor is unsupported, use at your own risk…