run your own 4.17 kernel in NRR for fun and profit

[color=#66cc33]The following tutorial is not officially supported, and could potentially harm your system, proceed at your own risk.[/color]


now … :smiley: git clone (or unZip) this :idea:

and in 417 subdir run

as usual :sleepy:

follow guide:
more or less :cool:

you get a working kernel and initrd, but there may well be graphics driver problems,
so you’re stuck in the bash shell. :-/

with you get a working RAMDISK for NRR / Manja real quick. :slight_smile:

else use your regular mkinitcpio with -P possibly

One more time, you need to start adding a disclaimer that these tutorials of yours are NOT officially supported.

-march=native no longer works right away. linker breaks now. may still be poss somehow.

always keep a backup copy of a known working “.config” , the corresponding kernel binary “bzImage” and a working initrd in a safe subdir to fall back on in case of crash / hang. In .config (i.e. make xconfig) you have to tread carefully since many options will render the kernel unbootable without further meddling.

keep in mind: you get boot fail if:

mismatch of either one component: kernel-binary “bzImage”, initrd , and stuff under /lib/modules

e.g. at some stage /lib/modules/4.17.0-1-MANJARO+

will be filled by “time sudo make modules_install” mind the + at the end, without it: BOOT FAIL :stuck_out_tongue: