- what's the deal?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been looking into OwnCloud solutions but at present I’m not qualified enough to configure and maintain my own secure server. Also, ISPs in my country stopped offering static addresses to home users. I don’t trust hosting in the UK, US or my country. Germany is also a BFF with the NSA, but at least they have a little better judicial oversight system (that’s what I tell myself). I’ve been looking into the service and company, and it all looks like a textbook example for a personal info sinkhole. The only info about the company is in some German business directories and it is scarce at best. They are not selling anything. There is no contact information. The connection is unencrypted. The mobile app does not recognize my login info. The privacy statement sounds like it was written by a 14 year old and has no connection with legal reality.

My questions are:

Is anyone really using this service and why? Why do you trust it?

Why is it integrated into Netrunner? Who stands behind Interstel GmbH ?