Samba Mount - and WLan

hi there,

i sucessfully mounted a nas drive using the current netrunner (kubuntu based).
When i start the computer the first thing coming up after logging in is kwallet asking for the password to gain wlan access.

When i enter this right away everything is fine - the samba mount is established and also integrated in dolphin

when i - for what reason ever not enter the kwallet password directly - and wlan (which is the only way the computer “talks” to the nas and router etc.) is therefore not connected directly - the samba mount is not established.
Then i can establish the mount by opening network - where the mount with path etc is shown + clicking “save” again.

Is there a way to get rid of that problem (besides always waiting after login and entering kwallet passwort directly)?
Like a command telling to try to mount the nas only (or again) after kwallet/wlan is established?

This seems to be a limitation of samba mounter not checking for network before trying to mount the shares. Normally kwallet also does not popup asking for your password if you don’t have autologin enabled.
You might also want to check kwallets options. Maybe you can allow (if you really want to) establishing network connections without asking for the password.

You can also change the Kwallet password to unsecured (no password required) or have it match your user password, however by using the later you will need to disable auto log in.