Samba-mounter is weird

ok, thanx for your reply. But with dolphin it is not possible to edit existing entries and I tried to make a new entry with the user ‘nobody’ and this user got automatically the permission ‘rwx’ and not ‘x’ alone.



You should be able to add, edit, and remove these right from that dialog.
And yes, the default is rwx when a filter is created, but you only need to click them back off yourself.
However, you’ll need to sometimes close dolphin to see the changes.

The other option is to use setfacl like so:
setfacl -m u:nobody:--x /home/{username}

or if your in the root of your home directory
setfacl -m u:nobody:--x ~/

thanx again, but this is definitefly not working. In dolphin I can’t change the permissions of nobody. I can make a new user, i can delete, I can pur user-id, group-id, and sticky … not more
So i used the setfacl-command.
But, after restart of the system the user ‘nobody’ disappeared!!!

And with the activeted user ‘nobody’ libreoffice opened and saved the files on the samba-server extreme slowly. (4-5 min)

Each time I start the system and open the samba-mounter, choose the the share, and click again on ‘save’ the connections to the share are working perfect, very fast, even with libreoffice. But that’s annoying to save the connection to the share again and again and again …



You shouldn’t have to be saving anything again, and again, and again.
Not in samba mounter, and especially not on the permissions of your home folder.
I don’t know what may be set wrong, but your definitely having an issue somewhere.

Right, there must be an issue somewhere! But do you have any ideas how to find and delete this “issue”?


No, not really, especially when it comes to Debian.
Twenty or so years ago maybe, but not since.
My expertise is in Arch, Manjaro nowadays.

Anyway, thanxs. What is with leszek? Holidays?



The issue has something to do with double mounting the share.
One time via v3 and one time via version 1.
The issue itself will be ultimatively fixed with KIO Fuse.