Obviously the SANE driver list of Netrunner is not the recent one. With Maui I could install the repository of Rolf Bensch ( by using the orders
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rolfbensch/sane-git
sudo apt-get update

After a restart of Maui the new SANE drivers were installed and I could use my Canon MG5750 for scanning. I tried the same procedure here. But the Konsole tells me that it don’t want to allow this repository.
How can I install the recent SANE drivers to make my Scanner working?

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You cannot add an ubuntu ppa to a debian based distro.
There is sane version 1.0.27 in Debian Experimental. Though this can’t be easily installed ontop of Netrunner as it provides a new package name and the applications need the old package.
So you could either compile this newer version for Netrunner or patch the current Debian version to include support for your Scanner.

Unfortunately there is no other solution.

Hi leszek,
I neither know how to compile the newer version 1.0.27 from Debian Experimental nor I know how to patch the current Debian version. Is anywhere a step by step guidance for doing it?
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There are guides like this one.

For this to work don’t forget to add the experimental debian sources list (deb-src line).

Hi leszek,
I know a little bit to solve minor problems. But I don’t want to start a career as IT developer. Sorry, I guess I have to look around for an operating system that works for me and that supports my devices. Maui did it. Netrunner may do it one day. For that day I cannot wait.
Anyway, thank you for your help,

Try Neon with that list of installed packages from my other post. You can get very close to Maui with that… Just don’t upgrade Plasma immediately when they release the upgrades - wait at least a week so that initial bugs are reported…