Saving files, filename replaced

When saving files I often find that the filename is replaced by the name of another file of the same type that already exists in the directory/folder I’m saving to. Libre Office and Kate don’t do it but Okular and Gwenview and others do. I have to remember to save the file name and re-paste it, which is a nuisance. Is there any way to fix this, or is it a bug?

Can you give an example on this ?

See attached images.
First the initial “save as” dialogue, which defaults to the last location saved to. The file name is correct.


Second, I go up one level and select the dir I want, “cinema”.


Third, the consequence of a double-click to open the dir is that the file directly below the cursor is selected and the original file name lost.


It looks like whatever filename is under the cursor as the window comes up gets selected. On experiment it is any file type, not just the same file type. Directory names are not selected.

That’s a interesting bug. As I have single click enabled in my system (as I prefer this) I never experienced that before. Could you try switching to single click (from within systemsettings and the inputdevice mouse settings) to confirm that this problem only exists when double-click is enabled.

Using single-click made no difference, as I still had to double-click to open the destination dir. But after a restart I only needed single click to select the dir. After many years of double-clicking I’ll have to get used to single-clicking.

The problem must lie in the directory selection dialogue. I assume there’s a bug raised for this, but how it would be described I can’t imagine.