Saving Session State

Intermediate Linux User Here…

Is it possible to save the session/config changes using the Live USB installation? I am looking for a way to maintain my configuration/files on the free space remaining on my USB stick between loads of the Live version.

End Goal: To have a USB portable installation of Linux that I can carry on my key chain to use when I am away from my desktop. Mainly this will be a path to by-pass the OS installed on a system, giving me access to the hardware(not concerned with the data on the drives) so that I can use the system to then remote connect to either my home desktop or my AWS instances.

I do understand that most all windows systems have MSTSC installed, I am looking to by-pass the OS to effectively remove chances the installed OS is corrupted or has been compromised by a key-logger or other remote monitoring malware. I’m also wishing to get away from having to have my tablet(which sucks for RDP) or laptop with me at all times.

This may be an unrealistic use of NetRunner, if so I am happy to take suggestions on another distro to use for this purpose. I am familiar with Knoppix, although I would very much like to stick to KDE5+.

Thanks in advance for any input into this scenario.

No, not with the rolling edition.
The Rolling Edition is based on Manjaro (Arch) which does not support persistence on live media.
There have been attempts in the past to make Arch capable of persistence like this, but these have all failed due to the amount of work involved to maintain, and the lack of interest by the Arch community.

However, you can possibly do a fully persistant installation to a usb device, like you would have on the HDD using this guide:

NOTE: This would be completely experimental on your end and can not be officially supported.

Thanks for the quick reply. Does the Standard edition based on Debian support persistence? The Arch base is not a requirement for me, and after further research I am leaning towards Debian as I have more experience with it. I’ve searched the forums for “session” and “persistence” and am coming up a null related to my question.

Yes the Ubuntu based version does support persistency however you need to setup this yourself.

Thank you, I will start researching how to implement this with Nr17.