Scan Software?

Hello, I tried to scan an 8.5x11 standard sheet of paper today using my HP 6500 DeskJet
Printer and SCANLITE software came up and after pre-scanning the page, it divided it! The
first 3/4’s was scanned in the first part and then it scanned the last quarter afterwards.

How do I get the software to scan the standard sheet of paper in ONE scan?

You have a screenshot of how it looks like?
Currently skanlite has no reported error of this:

Some can alone run through Windows seven whereas others unit of measurement strictly for Macintosh. the reason for this could be that the utility and so the register controls of such programs trust the protocols of the computer code. So, if the OS has entirely completely different drivers and encompasses a special register then the scanning program might not be able to operate well. Another demand is that the type of portable computer used. Computers that unit of measurement below Pentium four class might not be able to use the program since the program wants a fast portable computer therefore on operate efficiently. The RAM chips or DDR chips need to together meet the needs therefore as for the program to work. It generally required a minimum of 1GB or RAM or extra therefore it’ll scan well whereas not being quick by the OS.

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