Scanner not detected. Printer doesn't work [SOLVED]

I have a HP printer-scanner usb device. Printer model is detected, but, didn’t work. Scanner is not even detected.
Don’t know what’s happening, but it seems that all libraries are installed. Just for checking, my device works on other linux installations.
What gives?

Could you list the model of HP Multi-function Printer that you have?
For some of these devices Hplip requires a plugin (closed source firmaware) to be loaded for them to work.

HP deskjet: ink advantage 1516, quite common product. It’s compatible with Ubuntu 14.04.x and Mint LMDE2 (which uses Debian Jessie base).
When I configure the printer, the recomended driver appears and the printer is set; however, the printer doesn’t print. Strange also is the fact that no error message appears… it’s like the system “thinks” that the printer worked.
However, its scanner isn’t detected at all…

Can you check in the systemsettings printer settings if the printer is maybe set to stopped ?

Well, I just realized that Netrunner doesn’t come with hplip (and a lot of other packages) installed.
I just did “sudo apt install hplip”, downloaded more than 10 packages, and, my device works alright now with both functions: printer and scanner.
However, it’s unusual for me to need to installl such packages; generally, a lot of distros already have them included…
So, very likelly a lot of HP devices users will need to install hplip and its dependencies.

Sorry for the trouble. Thanks for answering.
Problem SOLVED