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Scanner problem [SOLVED]


I have a Canon MG6220 all in one printer. It prints but I’m having trouble scanning. I’ve installed the scangearmp2 software and the drivers for Linux from the Canon site. sane-find-scanner does not find the scanner and Simple Scan doesn’t see it, either. Running scangearmp2 in the terminal does see it and will scan, but that isn’t usable scanning software. At least it proves that the scanner is working, though. What can I do to get it working with Simple Scan or Xsane? I was scanning successfully with my other printer so I think I’ve got all the necessary sane stuff installed.


On quick glance I think you cannot scan without that scanGear software provided by canon.
It however should create a link inside gimps menu so you could use gimp to scan in stuff.


That model scanner/printer all-in-one uses the new mfnp protocol for the scanner.
The latest version of sane currently does not support this protocol (yet), it is however supported in git and should be in the next major release.

Unfortunately, Netrunner 14 being based off of Ubuntu 14.04 may never get a newer version of sane.

I’d say try this PPA:


I added this and it’s working now. Thanks!