Screen Brightness function key quit working after installing VirtualBox

I just installed the Rolling for the second time to figure out a problem that I’m having. Screen brightness quit working after installation of the Dropbox. How ever it works fine if you go to settings > power management, but it no longer responds to the function keys on the keyboard. I reinstalled the iso just to be able to pin point the problem, and found out after installing Virtualbox it quit responding. Any idea as to what the conflict is, and how to fix it?

OK, are you running virtualbox as a guest enviroment or or is it host to you Netrunner Rolling installation?

Did you also install the modules packages for your usage of VirtualBox?

And these may possibly be useful:

Non worked. I’m going to re-install it on my new SSD hard drive when I receive it this week, and see if that makes any difference.

Thanks for the suggestion as always,