Screen locker

OK, I would like to run the screen saver, but don’t want to have to enter my password to go back to my desk top. How do I use the screensaver and not losk the screen? :huh: ny help would be greatly appreciated.


There is a checkbox next to the “Require password after: xx seconds” setting. Does that not work?
System Settings → Display and Monitor → Screen Locker

Nope, the only way I can get it to not lock the screen after a period of no activity is to uncheck everything. I’m at a loss here.

Yeah this seems to be a locked feature right now in kde 4.10.
There is nothing to do, just live with it or somehow revert to kde 4.9

Dang, well I was hoping. Like you say I’ll just have to live with it for now, hope they change this in the near future. Thanks for the help or at least trying to. Over all I’ve been really impressed with Netrunner.