Screen Resolution (Live & Install)

Long time Fedora user here.
I recently performed a clean install of Netrunner 15 on a fresh Samsung 840 Evo using the Live DVD.

This was on my Home Theater PC. The video flowpath is as such:
HDMI out from newer NVIDIA card
Input to an Emotiva XMC-1 Pre-amp (straight pass thru)
End point (still HDMI) is a Panasonic TC-P65GT50 plasma.

The issue was that the desktop resolution was so low that not even one of the 3 icons was fully shown. The task bar icons were normal. Icons that opened up in a separate window would display that window normally (I had to install through the console).

The install procedure displayed normally. But upon reboot into the new environment the result was the same as the Live disc. After a console update to NVIDIA drivers from the repo I was able to establish normal resolution.

This was an odd behavior I’ve not experienced before on a distro.

Just posting to provide my initial experience. I’ll try to provide more feedback as I gain some seat time.

Yeah this is an limitation of the nouveau driver.
Thanks for reporting.