screenfetch: Why Ubuntu and not Netrunner name/logo?

When I start screenfetch it doesn’t show the Netrunner logo and name but Ubuntu :@. Looking at some screenshots obviously the Netrunner Rolling folks get the Netrunner logo and name.

I’d really prefer if Netrunner 17 (and following) would also identify as Netrunner!

Or did the ones that posted screenfetch screenshots of Netrunner Rolling with Netrunner logo and name altered something in their system or screenfetch? Looking at “man screenfetch” Netrunner isn’t even supported?

I have edited and updated screenfetch and it is in the official repo. Search and install screenfetch-netrunner, or you can add my repo with more recent versions:

sudo pacman -Syyu sudo pacman -S screenfetch-netrunner

And for the deb based Netrunner just download this one and extract it, and replace the screenfetch in your /usr/bin directory. But before that, just back it up somewhere.

I’m using Netrunner 17. It uses other repos and package format.