Security Update

All is in the subject. I have a partition with Netrunner in parallel with Maui. Security update are regularly received on Maui, I do not observed such events on Netrunner 17.10.
Am I missing a repository ?

Debian has a separate repository for security updates, which is not in Netrunner by default. You have to add it manually. Check this:

But the question, to which I also don’t know the answer, is: since cannot activate Debian Testing and Netrunner is not based on Stable, which security repository should we use? For each Debian release there is a separate one.

No, I doubt you are missing anything.

There’s a debian security repo that pushes out patches quickly. You can read about it here.

I just wait for these patches to get rolled into the debian testing repo. I suppose some conflict could arise between security repo and netrunner backports, but I cannot say.

If you decide to add this security repo, please report back any issues you encounter.

So, it confirms to me I am not ready to move to Netrunner, and perhaps that Netrunner has a lot of work to do to reach the standard of Maui.
Many thanks to both of you.


If you want a stable Netrunner, install 17.06, switch the repos to Debian Stable and Stable security updates and upgrade the system. You will be on stable release then and will have a stable system, but will not have the continuous Plasma updates. It all comes with a price :wink: Debian as base doesn’t provide such flexibility as Ubuntu. If you want a stable system with Plasma updates, go with KDE Neon. (Information worth reading)


if you add the following line to your /etc/apt/sources.list you will get the security updates that accompany debian stretch. I’m using netrunner 18.03

deb stretch/updates main contrib non-free

But be aware that not all stretch security patches will work with Debian Testing.


Can we add
deb testing/updates main
in order to receive security update compatible with this Debian Testing ?

Why this repo is not added automatically ? Can it conflict with current netrunner repos ?

Netrunner does not provide security updates. In order to get security updates please enable the rolling repos.