Set Desktop Background Does Not Work In Firefox

I have tried to set my desktop background several times now with different photos and none of them ever get set.

So, just to go trhough what I do:

First, I find a photo online that I would like as my desktop back ground.
Then I right-click on the photo.
Then scroll down to ‘Set As Desktop Background’ and click it.
It will bring up the Set Desktop Background Preview window.
Then select Stretch and click the button, ‘Set Desktop Background’.

But nothing ever happens.

How can this be fixed?

I did find another way to set a background, though I want things to work the way they’re suppose to.

Download the image, then set as background. As any online image may not be available when you next connect to the net. Plus generally it’s a better option to store backgrounds locally for this reason.

I did that as well and it did not work. How I got it to change is by going into the desktop background settings and added it there and then selected it.


The reason is that KDE will support to set a wallpaper globally within the next versions, then programs like firefox could be made compatible with it. Right now Firefox is not KDE native and therefore the wallpaper option works only in GTK-environments.