Skype icon in system tray

Skype icon in system tray is missing no matter what desktop theme or icon theme I select.
Anybody else got same issue?

You will need this installed for QT4 based apllications Indicators to work under Plasma 5:


While there only seems to be one version of sni-qt available, there are two different versions of libappindicator and libindicator listed for Utopic (14.10). I’m not sure what the differences are, but you will need the correct ones installed for GTK Applications indicators to appear in Plasma 5’s system tray as well.



This is actually a bug. A fix should be coming in the plasma-workspace update.

Under Manjaro, we’ve had Skype showing up in the system tray since plasma 5.2 and KF5 5.6.

What version of Plasma 5 (plasma-workspace, plasma-desktop, etc.) are installed in Prometheus?

Also, this patch is required for QT 4.8 and earlier to work with sni-qt:

Anex and I were able to get the Arch maintainer of QT4 to apply this patch there.

What version of QT4 is installed in Netrunner 15 (Ubuntu), and has it been patched to work with sni-qt yet??

References from Martin Gräßlin’s Blog:


I am not sure. The only thing I know is that a new plasma-workspace package was uploaded to the ppa to fix this issue.

I wonder what in their build of plasma-workspace needed to be patched that the upstream source code doesn’t, that seems a bit odd.

Could be a debian specific patch. Maybe asking in the IRC will give you the answer there if you are really curious

Nope not really that curious actually.
I say as long is it works and doesn’t break something else, then it doesn’t really matter that much.