sleep or hibernation mode

Hello all!!! I have been using netrunner 13.12 64bit for a few weeks now, and Love it. I’m trying to ditch Windows, mostly due to the speed that Linux offers. I have been trying to figure out how to get the machine into sleep mode or hibernation mode. It is a desktop. I have googled a lot and still can’t find. Any assistance is very welcomed.

Thank you!!

Sleep mode should work out of the box if your hardware is supported. If itsnot then the kicker menu does not offer you sleep mode.
Hibernation is deactivated by default due to Uefi secureboot not working with it. But if sleep (standby to ram) is not detected as supported for your hardware hibernation won’t work either.

Okay, I found it. I never chose a selection from the drop down. I never realized it was even there. So solved!!!