Slide out menus in Dolphin file manager

The option to do this may exist but if it doesn’t I think it should.

I notice there is now a slide out feature for the way the folders open in menus.
There also needs to be a slide out feature when opening a folder hierarchy in general.
Like within the Dolphin file manager.

A beautiful feature in windows is their desktop toolbar. You just click on the double arrows
and the entire desktop slides up. You can then move to any folder and everything just slides out.

It is a pain in the but to only have the folder option that Dolphin file manager offers, which is: A new
window opens that shows the contents of that folder that you just clicked.

A nice feature to compliment the one above would be to be able to put any folder into the panel.
When that folder and all it’s folders and sub-folders open in Dolphin you would have the slide out
feature to to get to everything easily and quickly.

The pics show how it works in windows.